Auranova is an indie rock band that formed in the summer of 2009 by singer-songwriters, Christopher Cohen and Damaso Cantu. Over the life span of seven years, the band has gone through several line-up changes in their career as most bands commonly do. Auranova is currently held together by a solid cast of musicians on stage that feature the talents of Alex Cabarello and Daniel Torres on guitars, Joey Heartland on the drums and Amado Cabarello on bass. Beginning with their first "pay to play" show in Anaheim,CA, Auranova has nonetheless continued to sketch horizons of hope through song and music in the Hispanic music community. With already two self released albums to date, their music has widely touched various parts of Latin America and other parts of the world.Their work has also been heard on national radio and featured in various independent TV/Film productions. According to several independent reviews, Auranova turn on fans with electrifying shows that deliver memorable melodic lines of lyric, eye-popping musical hooks and engaging vocal choruses consistently, all with a charismatic South Texas vibe. The band is currently playing live in support of their two new singles "Lets be Light" and "Reach for the Sky". Hope to see you at a show!